About Me

I am a fearless, driven, beautifully creative young woman who likes dancing in the rain and painting up a storm. I am a kick-ass single mother to a beautiful little girl who is equally creative who pushes me to be better, strive farther, dance everyday, and laugh deep. Did I mention my peanut took this photo? Only four years old....

I am an artist at the core of my being strive to creatively maneuver this life, with my own artistic flair.
I capture a variety of the subjects in diverse and unique pieces. My versatility with several media allows great scope in expression of my concepts & designs. I am comfortable moving from one medium to another. I work in watercolours, acrylics, charcoal, pencil crayon, pencil, chalk, oil, photography & a variety of sculpture media. I have developed considerable knowledge and skills with a wide variety of materials and techniques, and love to explore and create.

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