Funky Fish

I have been busy digging deep in my found, broken, cool, treasure box and working in my studio to put these Frankenstein Funky Fishes together.  I have been having a blast!!  The Peanut has made a creation or two herself. These COVID blues are being fought off by creating and playing in the studio.

This is Bob. Bob’s got a lot of things going for him, including a mouth that lights up and his funky teeth. Bob’s lucky number is 3, and he enjoys eating fish in threes, with his 3 funky teeth

Here's Ruby Redfish.  She's got a lot of sparkle to her in person, and yup, that's an old watch face in her eye.

This is Stella.  Stellllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa desires more than a streetcar, She has a light up tail that is battery operated, and part of a hammer for her mouth.  She is full of whimsy, loads of fun, and can brighten up any room ;)

Up next is Finaeus Fish.  FINAEUS Fish is the fun loving sort, that brings punk and circumstance together. Finaeus puts the funky, in Funky Fish 🐠

Meet Goldie. She is a lil fish in a big pond. She’s full of character and sparkle, and should you feel you need this sparkling soul in your life, make an appointment to see her and all the funky fish in my studio. You could go home with a bunch of ‘em, cuz after all, like kids, fish do better in schools.

This is Miss Diamond Glitter. 
Diamond loves to paint the town red, or green or blue.... Whatever her mood, you can bet she will do it with style and a lot of glitter!
This sparkly funky fish could be yours...

Say hello to Mobi.  He's mostly made out of wood from an old piano.  He's got a corkscrew spout and an old towel rack tail.  Mobi's got that silent but strong thing going on, and is loyal till the waves roll in.

Bring on the Funky Fish ornaments. 
Now you can adorn your Christmas tree with one of these recycled fishies!

Meet Tinkerbelle. She’s a curious fish, and that often gets her into trouble. She’s loyal to the core, but also has a quick temper. If you ever need a friend, she will be there. 

Feel free to reach out if you need one of these funky fish in your life.

Hope you all are keeping safe as we settle in to these quieter Holidays. I know I for one have been trying to focus on all that I am grateful for and all the beautiful blessings I have in my life.


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