I am naming this piece, COVID-19.  

We are experiencing some strange times, and I urge you to choose facts over fear and compassion over ignorance.  I have included a link to the fact sheet below, so that you can base the decisions you choose for your family on facts rather than propaganda.  I feel the news has done us a huge disservice in the last little while in encouraging panic and accelerating the existing resources.  I encourage you to take this time to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones, while we practice "social distancing" to alleviate the toll on our healthcare systems.

I want to also send a shout out to the police, EMS, firefighters, doctors, nurses, grocery store attendants and all those who are on the front lines making sure that we flatten that curve.

Practice gratitude and compassion and we can get through this together - in our own little hubs 💗.


Cheryl said…
Hope everyone is keeping safe where you are. Thanks for the post!

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