Halloween Pillows

Been looking for the perfect Halloween pillows to decorate on our favourite season, and for the life of me could not find any that I liked!!!  So I decided to make my own.  I bought two pillows from Walmart that are black and white.  They have an "&" sign on one side, and white, or blank on the other side.

I am a HUGE fan of Tim Burton's art,

and decided to pay tribute to this by drawing with a sharpie on the blank side.  
Voila, here is how they turned out :

Jack SKellington

and this one is my FAVE.

Tomorrow the Peanut and I are working on our Halloween Masterpiece.....


Sr. Ann Marie said…
Very clever! They look great!!
Peggy said…
Love these!!!! OMG you are so talented!! Can't believe you just free handed those!?!
Kelly said…
Thanks!! I rather like them myself :)
Kelly said…
Thanks Peggy :) The Mummy one is my favourite !!!

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