Lest We Forget...

Today after my minute of silence, I would like to share with you a picture the Peanut made.

And here is a poem from a fellow classmate, Kent Bailey written when he was in grade seven...

The Colours of War

Remember the young men,
Proud and Strong,
Sacrificing their youth
For the country they loved.
Colour them valiant.

Remember the families,
Patient and caring,
Waiting in vain
For a loved one's return.
Colour them broken.

Remember the poppies,
Bathed in red,
Standing serenely
By each grave.
Colour them solemn.

Remember the crosses,
Painted white,
Lonely sentinels, all in a row.
Think of the brave lying beneath.
Colour them silent.

Remember the sacrifice,
Costly and sad.
Think of the future, honour the past.
Peace is still fragile.
Colour it hope.

Remember the children,
Innocent and loved.
Our gift is tomorrow,
The future is theirs.
Colour them free.


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