Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!


I am thinking about all that I am thankful for.  Friends, Family, and of course, my Peanut.  As we move along in this world, these are the things I hold dear at the end of the day.  After buying this beautiful house, that we are so in love with (even though we haven't even lived in it a full month yet, argghhhhh) and having so many things go wrong - now after paying a very expensive plumber bill and our well sort of collapsing, we are waiting in queue to have another well drilled....

Insert expensive sigh, here...

At the end of the very long day, these are things I am incredibly grateful for.  And I will continue to view things as a glass half full kind of gal!

Spent the weekend with friends and family of both the human and furry kind, while also engaging in our annual family Turkey Ball (baseball tournament).  Fun had by all :)

I am also grateful for my voice, as it has gotten stronger over the years, in the pursuit of becoming me...

x0x x0 xx0


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