The TIny Bathroom That Could

On the main floor there is the tiniest of rooms.  It isn't the ugliest bathroom I have ever seen... but it sure won't win any prizes for the nicest, either.

Encase you have forgotten, we are trying to do all of this on an extreme budget - and mostly ourselves. But to put credit where credit is due, my dad has been a HUGE help.  I am constantly amazed at his knowledge of all things.  He comes from a time where men used to be jack of all trades, and get their hands down and dirty.  You are what you know, and I can recall being shocked when going out into the world and finding not all of the male population knows (or cares to know, for that matter) about any of this stuff.  I also have an awesome contractor friend whom we are bartering services with, as he says he has always loved my art :)  He and some other close friends were paramount in the demolition of the walls and know how of all the load bearing stuff which keeps my little house from falling down :)

And Peanut and I are extremely thankful for that ;)

Back to my bathroom.  This is what the bathroom looked like when I bought it

One day I took a sledgehammer to the floor, and just started hitting, and picking, and pulling, and yanking, and twisting (because for once they actually did something in that house like they were supposed to, and there was that lovely wire mesh underneath the tile).  Which made it a pain in my butt to take out those tiles, let me tell you... But I did.  Bit by bit, tile by piece of tile....

And do you know what I found underneath that ugly tile? A beautiful hardwood floor.  The original hardwood floor.  Then I took out the tile around the toilet - and there was just plain ole plywood there :(

But - you know me, I never shy away from a challenge... I fixed that bit around the toilet (once that sucker came off, of course).  And I think I did a pretty darned good job, if I say so myself.

Here is the floor repaired.  But it desperately needs to be sanded and its hard to tell from the photo, but  the floor has a wicked slant towards the wall on the left hand side.  Hmmmm no wonder there was so much self-leveling cement I had to tear up...


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