Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Eggs

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

The Peanut and I did a really neat scavenger/clue hunt at the Zoo this weekend, 
and had these funny, spring photo ops...
Then we have been doing a whole lotta egg dying.  It was the Peanut's turn to teach Mommy a few tricks.  I have never dyed eggs with shaving cream before.  She had done it at school, and wanted to teach me how.  So some shaving cream and some dye...

 Roll the egg around, then pick up egg and clean off...

 Voila, some pretty cool eggs.

We tried doing a few different techniques using wax and crayon resist, 

stickers, oil, and some pink and blue dye.  I really loved how they turned out :)

Then of course we needed to get rid of the dye...

Wishing everyone a great easter weekend.

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