Friday, August 17, 2012

Perspective is Everything

They say relationships are everything.  The glue the binds us together.  Bringing joy and pain in equal measure.  And it can be hard to navigate the differences.  To be compassionate, forgiving and gentle with each other.  We tend to see the world through the prism of our own reflection, and assume without thinking, that people are just like us.  However this is not the case.  Perspective is everything.  And everyone has their own.  Millions of steps leading us all to the places we are now, providing us all different points of view of this world.  Instead of letting this varied perspective separate us, we should celebrate these differences and use them to expand our own horizons.  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"  "One man's junk is another man's treasure" are all variations on this theme.  Make a point to try and see the world from someone else's perspective, you just may see a view you like...


  1. Love this especially in this time of fear and loathing!  Thanks for sharing!

  2. it easy to lose sight of this... many of us tend to act or react as if we are the center when actually we are but a smidgeon in the rotation... and everyone's experience of that rotation is going to be different

  3. So true.  I like your anology Sherri :)

  4. I am a true believer of one person making a difference.  ANd that one can turn into millions...  Perspective can really make a difference.  Thanks for stopping by :)



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