Sunday, May 13, 2012

To Mothers With Love

Little hands and little feet. I am in love with these, and everything else in between. Though the Peanut is quickly becoming, not so little anymore.

I keep telling her to stop growing, she keeps doing so. In her face, her speech, and her outlook and views – these too show age. You truly see the passage of time easier and quicker, once you have children, as they display the ribbons of years before you, so evidently and clear.

Of my blessings, the Peanut out ranks them all.
I too am blessed by a great Mother, to whom I learned how to be so. The quiet, nurturing times so essential to growth and spirit, I have both received and given in a beautiful chain that I hope will continue.

I wish all Mother’s a wonderful day with family. Wishing peace, love and memories of little hands and little feet…



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