Monday, December 12, 2011

Pretty Flower Cupcakes

The Peanut decided she wants a Fairy Princess Birthday Party this year.  It started out as an Under the Sea Party, but she decided at the last minute that she wanted fairy wings and an all girl party... good thing I didn't start sewing those mermaid tails!!!!

For her class, we made these pretty flower cupcakes which look amazing, are really easy, and were made out of what we already had on hand!!!! Gotta love that!

First you bake cupcakes as per the package or from scratch, and let cool.  My cupcakes always seem to have some pretty wonky tops. so I cut the tops off so I have a flat surface to work on.  Apply icing to the top of the cupcake.
Using mini marshmallows that you have cut in half diagonally...

Dipped in colourful sugar...

Apply to iced cupcake in circles, working from the outside in. ...

Finish with ju-jube middle (or smartie, or whatever candy you choose or have on hand) and voila!!  You can use the coloured mini marshmallows as well, which makes a really pretty effect!!!  Easy peasy lemon squeazy - as the Peanut would say!  A little time consuming, but once you get a rhythm going, it goes quite fast.  And your results look so professional and amazing :)  And most importantly Peanut proud!

Happy Monday everyone, I am off to work and trying to think up some fairy princess games/crafts to do at the birthday party...


  1. This looks easy and very cute. I'm going to have to try it :)

  2. beautiful and tastly I'll bet.  They look like Morano glass patterns.

  3. It was nice to do something that looked like I really went all out for it, LOL!!!!



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