Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

A little late getting the tree this year, but the important thing is we have it :)  We have a family tradition where we go to Grandpa's farm and the Peanut picks a tree, and Grandpa cuts it down.  Very strange this year though, because we have no snow!!!!!!

Another one of our little traditions is decorating the tree with our Santa Hats on, while singing Christmas carols.  Gotta luv those little traditions that hold us tight and keep our memories strong!  

Our tree is filled with decorations from past and present, many of which were gifts, many of those are homemade, and of course all of the ones that are made with love from the Peanut :)  Speaking of which, I promise to post the reindeer hand ornaments that we made this year - they turned out really well!!
Merry Wednesday!! 


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