My October Daily Album

Finally was able to upload some photos... having some technical difficulties...

As stated before, I have decided to do an October Daily album this month and here is the first part:

The album is 6 x 6 inches, and held together by binder rings.  I used supplies that I had on hand, and I am pleased with the results.  A while ago I bought this cool clear acrylic tab like album from 7gypsies, and thought it would be a perfect base for this album.  The rest are card stock pages glued back to back, and hole punched.

Here is the first part of my October Daily album that I made beforehand, I will show you photos of the completed pages soon.

I love doing this album.  I love the creativity and simplicity of it.  Having it pre-made takes the work out of the day to day documenting.  Having the pre-made pages provides creative challenges that I look forward to daily.  Trying to figure out how to tell my story within the parameters that have been previously set out.

What creative things have you been up to?


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