Happy Halloween

I am following a little behind as I had to get re-certified for ground search and rescue this weekend, so my Halloween plans were put on hold.  We did manage to carve all of our 14 pumpkins, though - and they looked absolutely AWESOME all lit up!  The Peanut went out tonight as Hannah Montana - my goodness she looked so funny with so much hair, LOL!!!

The Real Hannah Montana

The Peanut Montana

We ended up meeting up with some of her friends from school so she had a blast - not that we wouldn't have on our own.  She was feeling a little under the weather and was happy with only a couple hours of Trick or Treating :)  We lucked out with the weather, here, and the rain held off.

Another season down....so many plans for next year, and I will post my finished October Daily Album hopefully tomorrow.

Happy Safe Halloween Everyone!


Priscilla Lai said…
Aw... she looks super cute in the photo! 
Kelly said…
Thanks Pris :)  We had a really good Halloween!

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