Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Arts and Crafts

I was so excited about the Halloween Arts and Crafts workshop that I put on at the Art Gallery today.  And Of course I had to dress the part...

For this workshop we did a Halloween card, a Spoon Witch and a Toilet Paper Mummy.  Here are my mock-ups:

But the great thing about getting in a room full of creative kids... a whole bunch of unique and individual creations... one lil ingenious guy even made a coffin for his Mummy :)

I love how they all did different hair and different colour combos!!  See the one on the right with one large eye, fangs and blood dripping...gotta love their if we could just harness this awesomeness...

Note the glow in the dark spiders for the witches eyes and the funky ears on the right...

One girl had a broom with a cat on it, and notice the toothy grin in the middle...

And of course the Peanut came as my Lil Helper, and was a HUGE help handing out supplies and cleaning up ... and made a creative thing or two throughout the day! And then had a much deserved snack of grapes :)  All in all an amazing Saturday!!! What did you do today?


  1. how fuln it has to be to do that.  You make a lovely, non-scary witch.  Can't wait to see peanut dressed up for Haloween.

  2. It was awesome, Paula Devi!!! The kids rock!!!  Such creative spirits and we had a ton of fun. The Peanut didn't feel like dressing up on Saturday (even with my creative urging) but she has a couple of costumes picked out for this year :) SHe likes to switch it up and wear something different to school, than actually on Halloween night!!! 



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