Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elegant yet Macabre Halloween Wreath

Do you remember last year's Spooky Halloween wreath made of feathers and eyeballs ?

I love this wreath.  May be my all time favourite one.  It is hanging in our kitchen.  But we decided we needed one on our front door (because if I hung that one on our door, the only time we would ever see it was when we was coming or going from the house).  So I saw this cool macabre, black rose wreath somewhere (can't remember where), and decided we needed something like that.  So.... I took a wire hanger and started my wreath the same way as the last one (no point in buying a wreath form when I can whip one up with stuff on hand).  We wrapped it in some dark fabric from my material stash...

Then we hot glued some fabric roses on...

And filled it up...

Then spray painted it all black!!! I love how there is a touch of the deep red in the base of the flowers that comes through, providing a deep, rich colour.  
So easy, yet elegantly macabre and Halloweeny :)
It looks perfect on my porch where the Peanut and I have our slew of pumpkins, and we made some easy, peasy cardboard hanging bats.

Next up, Frankenfeet, hanging bats, the latest October Daily, and some more Halloween surprises!!! 
Are you getting in the Halloween Spirit yet?


Brent said...

Awesome! You two are so creative.....  Cool to be able to recreate something you were inspired by...I love it.

Kelly said...

Well the world is full of inspiration, isn't it?


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