Teddy Bear Train Ride

The Peanut and I enjoyed the coolest train ride yesterday, on the Heritage Highway.  And just bringing a stuffie (which of course was the best part for the Peanut) she rode free!!  There even was a Stuffie Doctor which came around the train checking all the stuffed animals...

On a bright, sun-shining day we rode with the windows down.  There was music (a guitar playing clown) and entertainment ( a balloon making clown ) and the excitement of the Peanut's very first train ride - all for the low cost of $23 for my travel.

I think we might be looking into this come winter, as they also have a Santa Claus train... The Peanut is excited as she is thinking it will be like the Polar express :)

What exciting things did you do this weekend?


Brent said…
That looks like such fun!  I miss riding the train....glad you had fun!

paula devi said…
Never heard of such a train kind of thing.  The dr. checking the stuffies is so cool.  You sure do know how to make Peanut the luckiest kid around and I'm sure you fill up with light just seeing her so happy.  So many blessings.  
Kelly said…
You're right about her lighting up, it instantly makes me light up :)  Blessings back at you, Paula Devi.

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