Pay it Forward Fridays - Being Self-ful

This week just flew by, with school and everything, I am so looking forward to the weekend...
Going into the weekend, I find myself reevaluating all my commitments and appointments this month.  We are pretty booked up here, and sometimes we forget to find quality time for ourselves and our friends and family.  Our life starts to feel like a hot potato shuffling from one hand to the other.

This weekend focus on YOU.  I learned long ago, that if you lose or deplete yourself, you lose the means to function.  And being a parent, that means you lose the means to effectively give of yourself, when there is none to give.  This weekend focus on Paying it Forward to yourself.  Because that in turn will allow you to give to others.

Give yourself permission to be self-full. It is not being selfish to focus on yourself, it is actually quite smart. If you keep giving away pieces of yourself without recharging, there will eventually be nothing left to give.
Have a great weekend, what will you be doing for yourself?


Anonymous said…
how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

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