Lessons in life

Here are some lessons I have learned lately...

1. Dancing feeds the soul.  However, remember to pull down the shades when you are dancing like a lunatic in your kitchen at night.  Also remember clothes are good too.

2. Not everybody understands the meaning of a well intentioned hug - so perhaps thinking before acting would alleviate a whole lotta confusion.

3. When accepting an invitation to a community BBQ, perhaps emphasize that you are looking forward to meeting everyone. 4 trips during the day to see if you are ready to come over may just very well indicate stalker-like tendencies.  Being introduced as the "friend" may actually equal girlfriend in a stalker's world.  In such cases, run don't walk, and make clear statements about not being interested.

4. The check engine light in your car is yellow, which means if it comes on, it may need to be looked at, but not an immediate threat - otherwise they would have made it red.  Smoke coming out of your hood, on the other hand, may need immediate attention, and turning up the radio will not make it go away.

5. Honesty comes naturally to some people (like yours truly).  However sometimes having a filtration system may make conversations easier, and thinking before speaking can save a lot of heartache.  So basically I have learnt that feelings to actions or words (bypassing the thought process) may not always be the best course of action. I have got to remember to check the damn pool for water before jumping in...

6. Lastly, never underestimate the power of a true friend.  Sometimes they tip the scale on a horrible day.

What lessons have you learnt lately?


Lisa Buben said…
Make time for what you really WANT to do each day.
Kelly said…
Very important lessons learnt, Lisa :)

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