Canadian Online Shopping Made Easy

I know I may be one of the slight few who have not heard of Canada Post Comparison Shopper. But let me tell you, being a Canadian, this tool has made online shopping super easy!!!

Take today, I was looking for computer monitors, I plugged in HP Canada and voila - all products based on trusted stores, in Canadian dollars so you the consumer, can make smarter shopping decisions.  Who knew this existed?  Since this is new to me, I decided to let you in on this little secret (if you were like me and have not found this little gem already).

With Christmas coming up, I'm thinking this little tool will come in super handy :)  Happy online price comparison shopping everyone!!!


Suzie Q said…
If it makes you feel any better, I have never heard of this either, thanks for posting!!! And FYI I am looking for a new computer monitor too, so thanks for the link!!!!

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