Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Scrapbooking


  1. Kelly, this is so amazing.  SO beautiful.  I have never seen anyone's scrapbook before.  What a timeless treasure for you & Peanut.  

  2. How kind of you to say :)  I actually LOVE doing it, telling our story.  I make one for me, with my own personal stories, and one for the Peanut for her when she is older.  I have found that documenting life is another way of reaffirming how powerful and amazing it truly is, and how grateful I am for all those who are in it. It also satisfies my artistic side, and keeps our stories alive when my memories fade. It is a document of growth, and a reminder of what is and was.  After my divorce and the journey it took for me to leave the abusive relationship, it has helped me to rediscover who I am.

  3. What a beautiful soul you have. Peanut is so blessed to have chosen you as her mom.  How I wish I had done this decades ago.  But I have saved and created an album of  every single note and letter my children left for me from the time scrawlies turned into words -  They are among my most cherished possessions. 
    I so admire you and the life of substance you have created and maintain for you and the Peanut.  Life is a rocky road sometimes and your words and feelings of gratitude are an inpiration, even for this grandma, when the dark clouds descend or the sun is shining.  Thank you so much Kelly.

  4. Love the garden, but especially love the scrapbooking pages.  Great job!  I think my fave is "Destination Leaf Pile" such a great title.  Thanks so much for sharing.



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