Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Friends

DO you ever wonder about the people that cross your path?  Ever wonder why you meet the people you meet in your life?  Do you notice that very often the people that you meet get recycled, brought back to you time and again?  Lately, I find myself thinking about things like chance, destiny, fate ...

Is there any such thing as a coincidence?  Are you pre-destined to meet the people that you do meet, or do you have some control in your own destiny?

All interesting questions, and of course I do not have the answers.  But, I prefer to think that we have some control in our lives, and that free will actually exists.  If our lives were pre-destined, then what would be the point in living them?

I have noticed that key people keep popping in & out of my life - for better or for worse.  And if you think about how huge this world is, and how many people are actually in it -- that is saying alot.  Perhaps it comes down to the connections that we make, and the intensity of those connections.

Perhaps we need to learn more lessons from specific people, or them from you - a little karma at work. Maybe some old souls reuniting in another lifetime...

Either way I try not to take for granted those who are in my life, and have learned that substance replaces swag everytime.  And sometimes old friends are the best friends.

Your thoughts?


  1. I often wonder if we are similar to constellations and within our own little universe, we have certain "people" that circle around us like planets.

  2. What a great analogy!!!  Maybe I am a star after all, LOL!!!!

  3. Hmm, Suzie's thoughts have me thinking. I sometimes hope it's all rando because of some of the people that I wish to never meet again, lol.

    Sometimes, I feel it's a way to resign to our fate...I don't like that, it makes me feel powerless.

  4. I do not believe in pre-destination for a lot of reasons. I have some friends that we float in and out of each others lives.  Sometimes it is just random chance. Usually one of us has taken some action that sets in motion the reunion.  The step may not always be obvious, but on reflection, it is clear it was not destiny. It was more of the throw a pebble in a pond and the waves go on farther than we usually think they do.
    Oddest story of coming across someone was a dear friend and I lost touch. I kept thinking it would be great to know what happened to so and so. Well my Mom who was about 1,000 miles away from me at the time went to visit a small town with a friend. She almost didn't go. She happened to mention her daughter while she was visiting. A total stranger approached her with a business card. My friend had been doing relief work after a hurricane with the woman. Friend gave the woman a card to put in her purse, just in case she came across me.  The woman was from a city I used to live in. My Mom took the card and called me. I called my friend and our families have stayed in touch ever since. My friend took the chance and gave the card. Since I had lived in that city and still had family there, the odds were that at some point the woman might realistically come across someone who knew me. She was the sort of person who followed through on things so she paid attention, and when the opportunity came she took the chance and gave the card to my Mom. It was a pebble in the water, not destiny.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story, Barbara.  Ripples have such an effect, don't they? We often have no idea how far out they stretch, nor how many people they encounter on their way...

  6. Fantastic submit. I'm going through several these issues.



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