Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fairy Dust and Flower Godmothers do Exist

My Magical Garden is growing beautifully.  The fairies have been busy this year, and tag teamed my flower godmother and together they have created a blooming wonderland.

Fairies + Flower Godmother = sunflowers, oriental poppies, zinnias, pumpkins, dahlias, and beautiful red begonia planters in gorgeous pots

Fairies complete the magical feel of my garden and help to spread those seeds that would otherwise be non-existent.  My sunflowers, oriental poppies, and a lone pumpkin plant growing in the most inopportune spot, have found their way into my garden and thus my life.  And my Fairy Godmother/Godfather provided me with the two most gorgeously rich, red begonias in green, fired pots.

Kevin Costner eat your heart out!  I have my own Field of Dreams, though mine is a garden.  And if you build it - they will bloom...


Paula Devi said...

How beautiful.  The faries and godmothers and godfathers have that magic touch.  What are the flowers in the first photo, the delicate pink with white trim and yellow centers?

Kelly said...

They are dahlias, aren't they beautiful? The pumpkin cracks me up, it is growing in the shallowest part of my garden, and almost has tranversed right across my walkway :)

Suzie Q said...

I love your garden of dreams!!! Kevin Costner would be proud!!!

Kelly said...

Kevin Costner is free to stop by any day of the week to see it first hand ;)


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