Beauty is All Around Us

Took a hike with my Dad the other day, a little reminder to stop and smell the roses.  We had fun, and we got to see some of the beauty that surrounds us, but so often forget to take a breath and notice it.

So I am reminding you.  STOP.  Take a look around you.  Everyplace has its beauty.  Beauty surrounds us everyday.  Sometimes we live in a world that is so fast-paced, it is far to easy to take everything for granted. DON'T.  Look around you. Feel it's beauty, and revel in it.

Ok, I am done preaching.  Go forward today with that piece of beauty in your mind, and smile.

What beauty did you notice today?


Suzie Q said…
Today I noticed the intricacies of a spider's web, when caught by the dewy, early morning sunlight.  Beauty in a sticky package!!!! Made me think of Charlotte's Web :)
Kelly said…
My porch is crawling with spiders, and I know of what you speak :)

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