Pay it Forward Friday - Everyday Beauty

As we head into this beautiful weekend I am caught off guard by all the hidden beauty found in the most unconventional places.  By the happiness brought by the most tiniest of kisses, and the pleasure felt in the most everyday occurrences.

Sometimes the best parts of life are the ones we take for granted.  The little moments, while waiting for the seemingly BIG ones.  As I revel in my extremely ordinary life, I realize how extraordinary it truly is, and am reminded how blessed and grateful I am.  For I am truly surrounded by beauty and life's little miracles.

I encourage you to enjoy your little miracles and indulge in the beauty that surrounds your everyday.

Have a great weekend everyone, feel free to leave a little snippet of what your everyday beauty looks like to you...  right now mine looks like a magical garden in the backdrop, and a little Peanut attacking me with hugs and kisses...


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