Family Ties

Coming into the weekend I am surprised by an unexpected -but welcomed - visitor, my little sister.  She needed a place to stay while going to a horse clinic close by.  That girl can always make me laugh.  I am often reminded how differently I think of her, as she has grown up so much (as we all seem to do).

When we were little, I was so excited to learn I was having a little sister (3 years difference).  My mother said that she would find me hanging out in her crib, or taking her somewhere in my baby carriage.  When we were a little older, I used to read to her to sleep every night.  I can remember her saying to me, "Kelly, you do know that I can read now, right?".

It's funny however old we get, she will always be my little sister.  But I am very proud of the young women she has grown into.  She was such a little shit disturber as a kid - and a hellion of a teenager.  But she definitely has come into her own now.  And is raising two beautiful girls.  I am so happy the Peanut is able to grow up with her cousins.

Family is family.  Sometimes we can get caught up in the roles that we played growing up, and refuse to see each other for the people we have come.  Sometimes we fail to give each other the same consideration that we show the people that weren't born into our lives.

I wish that us sisters (there are 3 of us) were closer, both geographically and emotionally.  But I will say when push come to shove - we would be there for one another in a heartbeat.  And that's something.

I often feel that every family is dysfunctional, just that some are way more than others.

How are your relationships with your family?  Do they have more or less weight then the relationships you have chosen as apposed to being born into?  Is blood truly thicker than water?


Paula Devi said…
what a lovely post Kelly.  Everything you write is so true and wise.  Not everyone transition into adult relationships with their siblings and that is so sad. blood is blood after all. but when each other's grown personalities are not recognized and siblings stick to being in the family constellations of childhood, so much is missed.  in that situation friends often become thicker than blood.
Have a great time together and horray for peanut growing up with her cousins.
Katie said…
All families are dysfunctional in some way or another!  :)  Mine sure is. 

I have found through the last few years, that although my sister is 8 years older than me, often times, I'm the one she comes to for advice.  She looks up to me.  It's like when I had kids, our roles reversed.
Kelly said…
Family sure is an interesting endeavour - one that keeps morphing and surprising us!!!!
Kelly said…
That is so true - sometimes they are stuck forever in time and will never see you in your full glory as they view you still in the shadows of the past.  However it can also work to your advantage if your glory years are behind you ;)   Seriously though, just as we see stars that may forever be gone, as clear as light, we sometimes cannot see clearly those that are right in front of us.
Paula Devi said…
lovely Kelly.  your writing is poetry.

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