Birthday Wishes and 10k Dreams

Busy weekend here, with my other birthday, and a race.  I have been blessed with my mother's mistake of writing the wrong month on my birth certificate - so I take full advantage of her mistake, and happily celebrate both.  Seeing as my birthday often went forgotten growing up, I somehow feel I am owed :) Even still the family seems to forget one of them - so I really still only get one - just in case you were thinking how unfair that I get two!!

Anyways, two more birthdays have come and gone, still have not decided on my birthday wish.  My first birthday I felt retrospective.  My second I am looking towards the future and all that it holds.  With that in mind I completed a 10k run - and felt great.  I had the honour of running with my father who has broken both feet, threw out his back a couple of days prior to the race and is 66 years old - and he still kicked my ass!!!

It's been a very long time since I have trained for a race. And I discovered that training as a single parent is very difficult.  I can't say that I was really prepared for this race but I had a few goals, and I accomplished them all.  And I must say that it felt great to be running again.

My first goal was pretty simple - to finish.  My second was to not stop - and the third (which occurred to me around the 7km marker) was to beat the three runners ahead of me.  I did so at the finish line.

I am feeling it today, but it's that good sore feeling.  And it just makes me think what I am gonna do next ....


~ Mona said…
WOOO!!! HOO!!! Great job!  I walked a 5k in May (came in very last)  Maybe someday I'll run it.  It is a good kind of sore.  Congrats!
~ Mona  : )
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Kelly said…
It doesn't matter that you walked it, it's a start Mona!!! Proud of you :) Same with my 10k - its a starting off point for me to beat the next go around.  Have a great day!

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