Artistic Expression

Texture, colour, sharpness, detail, and beauty and sadness.  Art is another form of expression, a mirror of the life around us.  Sometimes a precise one, and others a dreamlike version.  It is a window into one's soul as well as a form of release.

I believe that everyone has creativity.  It just comes out in different forms for different people.  And sadly, some seem to lose, rather bottle it in, as they get older.  Like one's signature, it retains the essence of that person and can be simply magnificent when unleashed.  Have you unleashed your creative soul lately?

Art comes in many forms, lately for me, it has been brush on canvas, and words on a page.  What is your form of artistic expression?


Paula Devi said…
lovely, lovely work, Kelly.  I love the movement and the colors.  You are right about reativity.  Most of us tend to decide we don't have any - losing spontaneity and adding failure/success/self-consciousness as we become older?  Don't know. My creativity has always been in my writing.  I am waiting to having the courage to empty my mind and put brush to canvas.
Kelly said…
It's all about the journey, Paula Devi. Try not to get caught up in the outcome, and just have fun with it :) Painting can be so therapeutic!
Fresh Garden said…
Wonderful! Inspiring!
Thanks! I enjoyed the visit, ;)

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