What do Confusion, Intentions and Effort have to do with it?

Confusion is part of my staying the course.  It is part of my working it out, it is the closer I get to fine.  Confusion is my storm before the calm, and my messiness while I work out the details.

I paint the same way.  My paintings often look messy in the beginning, and even onwards.  Then all of a sudden, a beautiful painting emerges.

Except when it doesn't.  Because sometimes my paintings just simply suck.  As does life.  Sometimes it is simply about the process, and the effort put into something.  The intentions behind the act. Yes, I am one of those people.  Whom values the intentions far more that the outcome.

Sometimes paintings seem effortless, they however have been brewing in my head and working themselves out for awhile prior to be set free on canvas.

Other paintings take a whole lottta effort - and nothing comes of them.  These are ones that are forced.  Like relationships - these never bode well.  And often the path we thought we wanted - turns out to be the one we should have left behind.

Much like everything else in life, balance brings good things.  Often the journey to balance reveals the greatest gifts.  Some of my best paintings have been from me working things out.  As have my greatest personal revelations.

I am all about the journey, and have learned to enjoy my messes.  From these come the greatest gifts.  Lessons learnt, and all that, and many a cool painting hung on the wall.

So enjoy your confusion and messiness, for without them, or the effort to come out of them, we would not get anywhere, or have our stories to tell.  And besides, organization and cleanliness is highly overrated!!! Sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty!


Iam Mother said…
 accomplishment in creating something is something money cant buy.

Salma said…
yep...balance brings good things. The simple lessons may be the hardest ones.

Thanks Kelly
Kelly said…
Or the ones I relearn ever now and again, LOL!!!!

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