Smiles from across the Miles

Ever have those moments where you weren't quite sure what was missing, but something just didn't feel right.  You just didn't feel whole?

Like there was a little part of you that you hadn't heard from in awhile...

And then the phone rings, and an old friend says "Hello" and that little part of you comes home.

Friends have a strange way of knowing when you need a little boost of energy. When you need a little "hey" or a little pick me up.

It's funny how the universe throws at you exactly what you need - when you need it.  Like having a cosmic fairy godmother.

So the next time you have a spare moment, reach out and touch someone you love.  You never know when it may be the exact thing that your friend or loved one needed.  And who doesn't love snail mail?  I know Canada Post may be a little touchy subject - but who doesn't like to get actual mail, in their tiny little hands?

The Peanut and I have a little ritual each evening, and checking our mail box (along with all the suspense and buildup it entails) is one of them.  The Peanut even loves to open junk mail - she thinks it's for her.

But - when something comes in the mail, with the letters of your name, spelled all pretty-like on the front, there really is nothing like it.

Or the sound of a familiar voice on the other end of the line, actually calling to listen to everything you have to say.  Kinda beats email.

Wishing you all happy phone calls and delicious mail...


~ Mona said…
I always tell my boys - when you don't listen to the little taps on the shoulder the universe gives you... the taps will get much harder.

~ Mona  : )
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Kelly said…
They sure do - pack a wallup when you refuse to listen, LOL!!!!
Jane said…
Ahhh, snail mail, you're so right it's awesome to have a letter in the mail box just for you!  It seems to be an art that has been forgotten which is such a shame - nothing beats sitting down with a cuppa and opening up a letter from a loved one.....where's my pen??
Kelly said…
Hoped you grabbed a pen :) I hope it is an old art form that is making a come back!!!

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