Optimistic Monday

Monday Morning.

Somedays I hate them - today it is beaming with a glowing feeling of a brand new day.  A new beginning, a day to start a regimen, thought process, or simply start off a week of fulfillment and gratitude.

Somedays they are just the day I want to stay in bed longer than normal.  But NOT today.  Today, this Monday is the start of a new day for me.  One full of promise and productivity.

Perhaps it is my pending birthday looming in the near future, or maybe it's a just a glass full kinda day - but I woke up feeling that the world is mine this week :)

I started running again.  Have I told you how much I love running.  It's just really hard to do as a single mom - so you have to be creative in its execution and timing.  But it leaves me with such a feeling of clarity  (and today some rather aching legs - but it's good pain).  There is also the feeling of accomplishment of molding your body to its best possible means of strength and power.  Kinda like a well-oiled machine. Although mine's been needing a little more oil as of late...

SO look out world - this girl is on a mission.  Great things are going to happen this week... I can just feel it!!!

Happy Monday Everyone.


Suzie Q said…
I always LOVE how you look at everything so positively uplifting!!! Happy Monday back at you!!!
Kelly said…
Life is how you look at it, and the effort you put into it - like most things. You are quite an optimist too, after surviving all you have - with a smile!

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