Colour Thoery and Lessons Learnt

Black and White.

Lessons Learnt.

Not always the easy way - or at least that's how it seems to go for me.
Trust. One that I truly want to give, but seems to leave me devastated when broken.
I have the knives in my back to prove it.  Grey.

The world is a funny place, and our lives seem to take us down some pretty crazy roads. Green.
Putting us back on track when we venture away from our goals - whether we realize it or not.

People come in and out, and if you are lucky they leave an impression.  Some positive - others not so much. But if you leave a situation, without learning the lesson - it will come at you again with a vengeance.

Sometimes I seem to take this route.  Trust is one of these.  I really want people to be who they say they are, I truly want to believe people are good, and not out to harm you.  Then I am reminded that unfortunately we do not live in a Beaver Cleaver World.  No pleasantville here. Which also means that we have no monochromatic lives.

On the flip side, we do live in a world made up of all colours.  Some pretty radiant colours.  So when the dark blues and the blacks and greys envelop you, you just have to search out the reds and the yellows.  Hell, even the fuschias - for they represent the passion and the joy.  And just like yin and yang, good and bad, happy and sad, colours have opposites - blue and orange, red and green.  With them we get balance, or ups and downs...

Sometimes lessons don't always reveal their meaning.  Sometimes we are just left feeling pretty stupid, and wondering why we are floundering, or why the world is against you.

This is the time where your faith comes out. Hold strong to it - even when it is flickering.  Faith in whatever works for you, the kind that runs deep into the essence of your being.  That person in the mirror knows what and where that is.  That person in the mirror, in the end, is the only one that matters.  At the end of the day if you can look yourself square in the eye, and smile and be proud - well the rest is just details...

...that will eventually fall into place...

Now, please excuse me, as I'm gonna go find me a rainbow...

A friend of mine's wonderous work...


paula devi . said…
A wonderful perspective on do-overs.  And, thankfuly, the world is made up of endless colors.   Trust - that was a big one for me and in some way still is - I believe that we all have an unconscious expectation (not a good word for what I mean) of how people are or should be - even though time and again we learn that this is not true.  What I am trying to say, and very badly I'll admit, is that we all tend to see others through the lens of who we are.   You already know that people who harm you, betray you or the like, do things that would never be a part of any of the options you would choose from your own personal menu of actions - they would never occur to you to do, or say, they are just not part of who you are.

Of course the opposite holds true as well.  We all know people who see the world filled with people and circumstances that just wait to pounce on them and so they make it hard to befriend them.  We also come in endless colors.

I learned that I cannot reflect my values onto anyone else.  So I have gone, over the years, from an immediate trust until someone teaches me differently to "let's see what time tells me about you and how which level of trust and believability I give to you.  I have to say that this really stinks because I still feel the reflex to believe in people and be open to them.  But over the years I have become much more wary and just give time time to see how someone plays out in circumstances that prove out their qualities.  God, I can go on with this forever.  There is such a thing as Highly Sensitive People.  I am reading about this phenomena.  I found a book about it on Birdies blog and bought it. I think you should read it too,  It really opened up the scope of my understanding of myself and how to take much better care.  I have to get the proper title and come back to a different comment.  
paula devi . said…
Here is the book I mentioned: The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Arons, Phd.
Birdies Blog is
I don't know how to make a link in this comments.
Happy reading!
Anonymous said…
Hey - I am definitely happy to find this. great job!
Kelly said…
Thanks for looking for the title - have a great weekend!!!!
Kelly said…
You know, its funny, the older I get, the wiser I get, and the more I realize that it really is all about me, LOL!!! What I mean is that I cannot help anyone else, or do all I want to do if I do not come from a place of happiness, acceptance, truth and authenticity.  Basicly if I don;t have my shit together, I cannot help or function optimally.  It's not about being selfish, but being selfull. Coming from a place of power :)
Thanks so much for your comment, Paula Devi. I love how this medium has allowed me to connect with such amazing people !!!

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