Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Afternoon Tea for Two

Crazy Blogger - was finally able to log on this evening...

The Peanut and I found this really neat Tea Room just up the road from us.  WHO knew?

Since I had to work on Mother's Day, we spent our special day together on Sunday, and what a treat!!!

We had some delicious tea and sandwiches, and then spent about an hour trying on various hats, scarves, gloves and purses.

The Peanut was quite happy with her choices and wanted to pose for a couple shots.

And then the Peanut took one of me :)

This Dynamic Duo enjoyed their tea for two, and are awaiting their next adventure...


Salma said...

 Beautiful...great idea. 

Jane said...

It seems to be the simple things in life that give the most pleasure - what a glorious day you and "The Peanut" had.

Kelly said...

It so was :) Something unexpected that turned out magical - Love that!!!!

Kelly said...

How true is that ?  Yes, absolutely splendid, we will do it again :)


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