Monday, April 11, 2011

Stilettos and a Dream

I have a confession to make.

I have always wanted to wear beautiful high heel shoes - and pull it off with style and grace.  But before we get into that, lets back it up a bit to get a little bit of background...

Shoes have never really been of importance to me, in fact growing up in the summer time you were hard pressed to find anything whatsoever on these little tootsies.

Into highschool, I pretty much wore one set of hiking boots for all occasions - even the fancy ones! That paired with my favourite ball cap - man if that hat could talk....

Now some crocs or flip flops seem to find their way on these feet... but I have always wondered what it would feel like to walk around with a pair of high heels.  Not 6 inch stilettos or anything, but a nice bit of lift.  But for life of me I cannot last long in them.

Are women just tougher than I am?  DO they buy really expensive high heels, is that the secret?  Is there some sort of inserts that make them feel heavenly?  Is there a secret club where you learn all about this sort of stuff, the walk, where and what to buy, the pain free ways of the stiletto?

I have heard Beyonce and a few other people say they run, play basketball, etc in their spike heels.  Hell, I'd be happy to last a day walking around in them and not tripping or dying of pain.

Please let me in on this little feminine secret...and then I will work on the whole make-up nonsense. Yet another of the girly mysteries I have yet to unravel...


  1. Well Kelly, I'll start off by saying that the shoes you picture above are by Christian Louboutin. His signature is the red sole and red down the heel. The shoe is elegant, glamorous and runs around $1,300+. That being said, I understand how you feel. Like coming out of the hairdressers with a new haircut you love, blow dried and pampered. You just strut your stuff, head held high, fresh & new. Now I can image how amazingly feminine, sexy and heart stopping slowly sashaying down the street in those stilettos, beautifully clothed, make-up chic and flattering - the works.

    As for me, for most of my life I've three pairs of shoes at any give time: work boots, sandals and winterish shoes. Though I would love to be "gawjus", I would fall before I took the first step. There are stiletto women and then there is me. My daughters wear stilettos when they are dressed-up for an evening and are graceful and elegant.

    I think these Boyonces (I love Beyonce - she is so talented) are, well I don't know what to say about them. I think it takes the type of woman who sashays and wants to wear stilettos and they are SURE they want that, it's not a choice it's a given. I think you have to feel it. Need it maybe, to wear them all the time, for any thing that may crop up unexpectedly in the course of your day - like soccer or basketball or running down FIfth Avenue to attach a cab.

    But I think it's fun to be girly. Why not. it's like dress-up. You go, girlfriend. Jazz it up.

  2. I'm with you - I don't get it at all. I've tried on a few pairs and always seem to wobble around like a newborn calf. That, and the fact that I'm already 5'9", has never really made me want to try harder to figure them out either. I'll stick with flip flips and sneakers, thank you! ;)

  3. The irony of seeing this post today is astounding! My little diva daughter mentioned this morning that she would like for me to wear my "super" high heels tomorrow (what my husband calls my hooker heels...heh). They are gorgeous, they are sexy, I WANT to wear these beautiful shoes! But alas, I have all the grace of a really really graceless thing in them. Perhaps we should have gone to finishing school!

  4. I love that imagery of a newborn calf!!!!
    Seeing as I am considerably shorter than you, I could actually use the height - unfortunately I can't figure them out :) Or not so that I can walk with out incredible pain - but i sooooo want to !!!

  5. Well Miss Paula Devi, you sure know your shoes!!! I have never even heard of the man, let alone his shoes, LOL! But they sure are pretty. I am not sure if they are $1,300 pretty, though!!
    My heart and head say go for it - but my feet just hurt!!! Seriously, I am wondering how the hell they wear them. Even If I could walk gracefully in them, I can't wear them for more than an hour?!?!? I would just like to know what I am doing wrong, and how to do it right.... I just so want to wear them...

  6. Maybe finishing school is a good idea :) So many things I just don't know... I think I am missing the girly gene!



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