I had to tell my ordinary life we were growing apart; I was falling in love with Magic...

Do you believe in magic?

While surfing, I found the following definitions for magic:

"any mysterious or extraordinary quality or power"

"the art of influencing events and producing marvels"

I have always believed in magic. In the event where logic clings to the solid rationale, Magic comes from one's heart and soul. I tend to be slightly more soulful than logical - and I think most people would agree with me ;)

Magic is that part of you where music, and song come alive. Magic is that part of you that rejoices and touches your lips with that first kiss. Or a baby's first laugh (also where fairies come to be - for the fairy illiterate).

Magic isn't something you can always see, though you can always feel its effects.  Electric, and special.  I am always surprised when I learn that some people do not believe.   Some people actually do not believe that magic exists.  That there are some that believe that magic is only smoke and mirrors, and illusions.

But not I.  I believe in its trueness, and essence.  And just perhaps, there is some magic trickling into your life right now....

Magic is extraordinarily ordinary and surrounds us everyday. Yet it is what makes life extraordinary. And I am happy to tell my ordinary life we are growing apart; as I am falling in love with Magic...

Do YOU believe in magic?


Brent said…
I like to think of magic actually...not as the trickery or slight of hand of magicians (though that's fun and all) but as the stuff that affects you that you can't really put your hands on. The briefest passage in a song that makes you take a breath, the abstract painting that fascinates you, love perhaps. I don't understand how it all works and I don't want to....I like to leave it all to the realm of magic.

Legacy2000 said…
I never used to believe in magic until a funny thing happened on the way to the rest of my life, and now I see that the Universe is filled with magic.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."
paula devi said…
Oh yes, yes I do. Magic is all around us. I believe magic/magik is an inherent part of our DNA. The moment of birth - creation of a new world - magic. Love, true and steadfast from heart and soul - magic. Prayer - magic. It's in us and all around us. You write so beautifully, Kelly.

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