Blue Frogs Legs and Balance

They are scattered throughout my house :)

Lovely artistic renditions of my name's sake.  I don't collect them, more they have found a home with me. And I don't have a house full, just a few here and there.  They seek to remind me of my artistic endeavours,  and to open up and express my creative side.  They also seek to remind me of my scientific side, and my search for truth.

I am a true Gemini, and I need to find balance in both my artistic and scientific sides.  Doing one and not the other, I have been known to be lopsided.  I often search for the culprit of my off-shift, and forget about this very simple truth - I am the culmination of these two sides, and must seek them in balance with one another to feel whole.  I often forget this.

How do you find your balance?

Do you too, have two sides pulling at you?


Katie said…
I think the blue frogs are too cute!

I understand how you feel. I have this super creative and artistic side of desires in me, yet I struggle all the time to let go of my anal, always perfectionist side of me long enough to let the "freedom" of creativity reign. I'm such a planner by nature that I put a damper on my own creative juices.
Kelly said…
Ha!!!! I am so NOT a planner, but I can relate :) I am however realizing that I am a lot more black and white than grey, than I had originally thought. Or, maybe am becoming so with age :) My suggestion to you is to release your inner child and paint with your fingers - I did a whole series like this and they turned out great!!!
~ Mona said…
I'm still searching for balance. I have yet to find it ... thus it's been forever since the last time I've posted or even been online.
~ Mona : )
. Legacy2000 said…
For many years, I allowed the demands of daily life to get in the way of my creative side, which for me is writing. I started my first creative writing blog a year ago this week, and it has played a pivotal role in my growth over the past year.

When we deny our creative side, we deny the essence of our selves. Balance is essential.
paula devi said…
Finger painting! How brilliant. What better way to break through to the essence and spaciousness. Marvelous. I'm going to do it. It's so primal.
As for me and balance - I'm not sure. I seem to have lost my balance. I'm wondering if achieving our balance changes as we change and move through life. Different aspects at different ages. I have to think about this some more. Maybe I'm trying to get my balance back from a time in my life that no longer exists. What I am sure of is my struggle to find balance between my up-and-down depressions and the me (in the plural) I'd like to set free.
Kelly, your posts are so thought provoking.
Jennifer M. said…
Ah yes... fellow Gemini here. I definitely have both scientific and creative sides pulling on me, too, although I hadn't really thought of it that way. That's a great way to describe it.

How do I balance it? I actually don't think I do balance it very well. I try to find time for my creative soul amidst all my other non-creative responsibilities of the day, but a lot of times I just resent those things that try to pull me in directions I don't want to go.
Kelly said…
Well my twin friend, nice to know I am not alone :)
Nothing like having a little tug of war with yourself, eh?
Kelly said…
Oh I most certainly recommend the finger painting Paula Devi. A very freeing and happy experience!!!
You are too kind, it's nice to know that words on the computer are being read :) So little time these days my whole thought I had balanced is topple over, LOL!!! Good point about time and space. I think I am definitely guilty of that - causing me to lose a never ending battle!
Kelly said…
Oh Mona, so nice of you to visit :) We have missed you around!!! Hope life is treating you well. Sometimes I think balance is over-rated... but that is usually when I am about to fall on my ass!!!!
Kelly said…
Why are the essential things sometimes the hardest to achieve? I guess it is the more meaningful things that deserve the most amount of time and effort. That in itself is a balancing act.
Happy blog birthday, Mr. Legacy :) You may not know this but I think you were the very first cyber person I conversed with, when you helped me trying to navigate this crazy web. Ever so helpful, you were :)
I for one am glad that you have struggled and won your creative balance - and our paths have crossed.
Gotta go as the phone is ringing as I am juggling on a ball one handed and singing the alphabet in French - backwards and out of tune while typing with my left pinky and having a thumb war with the Peanut. I am having one of those days :)
Jennifer M. said…
Lol - so true! Ah well... keeps life interesting. ;)

Jennifer Maloney
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