Things that make me happy...

After my photo in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday (one of my favourites, by the way) I thought I would write about the things that make me happy.

The thing is, I am a pretty happy person.  One with very simple wants and needs.  And genuinely simple pleasures.  I have never been for huge gifts or overtures (perhaps because I have never really received them) but have always been on the simpler side of life.  Plus having an ex-husband who gave me a washing machine hose for my birthday once (when I actually got something) leaves me open for appreciating simple kindnesses.

Here are some of my favourite things:

1. Contagious Giggles

2. Sitting on my porch, drinking some tea looking out at my Magical Garden

3. Painting and/or creating side by side with the Peanut

4. A nice back/hand/foot massage (haven't had one for eons....)

5. Sifting through the Peanut's photographs

6. Camping

7. Reading a good book

8. A connection with another person

9. Sleeping in...

10. A Peanut hug (she truly is the best hugger ever!)

11. A genuine smile.

12. Road trips

13. Chocolate. 'nuff said

What are some of your favourite things?


Amy's Life said…
GREAT List of Happiness! <3
Love your photo's!

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