Pay it Forward Friday

Once again the week is coming to a close.  Another week of snow, here, waiting for the warmth of spring to be sprung. Coming upon the weekend I am charged with the longing to go for a good long run outdoors.  I might have to settle for a snowshoe trek...

Don't forget to spread the love and practice random acts of kindness while you are heading into the weekend. Heck practice them all weekend long :)

What glorious plans do you have this weekend?  Is there snow where you are?


Blueunicorn1974 said…
No glorious plans here. Saturday we'll be getting our taxes done, and that is always a stressful time for me. The rest of the weekend we are just planning to hang out with family and do nothing. That part does sound wonderful now that I type it.

No snow here in Mesa, AZ, either. Our high today should be 88 with clear skies. THIS is why I live in Arizona!
Kelly said…
Your weekend (minus the date with the taxman) does sound wonderful :) I do like the snow - don't get me wrong - I've just had my fill!! Here's to lots of sun, enjoy your weekend.

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