Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Closer to Fine

Got side-tracked today... life happens that way for me, not always in a straight line...

speaking of life, ain't she a funny thing?

Perhaps it is the late night talking, sleep has been eluding me lately... but the older I get, and the less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine... love that song, by the Indigo Girls... takes me away to another place and time, funny how photos, smells and songs can to that so effortlessly ...

Always play this song, on the way back from a road trip. Kind of an unwavering tradition...

Do you have any little quirky traditions like this?

Got any songs that can zip you backwards in time, quicker than you can say "Beam me up Scotty" ?


  1. Nice, great post...life has a way of helping us to "rise above" as we experience it! My song is "You Don't Remember" by Na Leo Pilimehana, a local Hawaiian girl group. The main words are "you don't remember, I'll never forget" and it goes on to describe the day of the birth of her baby...

  2. They are sucha good road trip band to listen to. I end up playing music that reminds me of where I am going. If I am headed to my hometown, then it's country. To camp Christian music, etc..

  3. Yes, music seems to be the perfect background...or should I say the "right" music. Can you imagine watching movies without music? I always have a streaming soundtrack to my life happening - in my head if not literally!!!

  4. What are the chances of me googling that song and finding it??

  5. Ha! I just found it on you tube - who knew? A beautiful song....



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