The Blank Screen

Much like standing in front of an open fridge door, letting all the cold air stream out, mindlessly searching for something to eat.... I sit in front of this bare screen trying to figure out what in heck to write about.

Still healing from my cracked ribs, I gingerly stretch from side to side hoping to awaken some sort of creative muscle that will aid me in my task.


I get up and saunter to the kitchen to eat breakfast hoping food will fuel my creativity.

Still nothing.

Perhaps after a good workout, my mind will be refreshed and ready to act.  I pop in my Jillian Michaels DVD and proceed to get shredded...

After a shower, the screen is still that looming shade of white.

I could go on with my activities...but the result is the same.

SO, I have decided to leave the next post in the hands of YOU - my readers.

What would you like me to write about?

What would you be interested in filling this screen with?


Katie said…
I just had the same problem (sort of) on one of my blogs today. I had a lot of ideas, but I just wasn't "feeling" it really.

How CAN you possibly be doing The Shred with cracked ribs?

That's hard core my dear!!!
paula devi said…
Hi Kelly, This is a super question & one that I often struggle with. I am going to comment in depth later. Right now my struggle is with trying to find your "connect with me" & the four widgets. I want to have my blog postings or the title of each blog post show up on my tweeter, FB page & to join SU. I have been working on doing what seems to be on every blog in different variations. Where do I go to find & connect with what you have in your upper right hand corner? xoxo
Dee said…
Ouch...I hope your ribs heal quickly! :/

I have a couple for you:
What are you grateful for?
What have you experienced that has taught you the most?

Kelly said…
Me too :) Unfortunately there is nothing I can do for them...just rest and hope I stop coughing soon!
Those are great ideas...will see what I come up with...thanks for your input :)
Kelly said…
Hmm, I will try to locate the site for the tutorial that I used. There are also a few sites where you can download some free logos for you to use that will coordinate with your blog design. Through networked blogs on facebook you can set up where it automatically posts them to your twitter and facebook page. Hope that helps :)
Kelly said…
I have been there, lots of ideas - no spark. Today was just plain NOTHING!!!
I cracked my ribs from coughing so much - how powerful am I?? SO I have pulled all the muscles in my stomach and back - so it pretty much hurts to breathe. The Shred is not that much more pain - though the push ups are the worst!!! Sometimes I have to do something else instead of those!

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