Art - Is it in the Eye of the Beholder?

There are many incredibly talented people out there.  It truly blows me away at the pure talent and creativity that lives in the hearts of others.  It begs the question though, what is art?

Have you heard about Phil Hansen, a gifted artist that incorporates both his work and performance. Here is a short video on him.  His passion for his work is astounding..

How about that piece where he used his own blood?

And what about this guy (Scott Wade) who uses dirty vehicles as his canvas?

Or how about Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable street art, as seen here:

Or what about art that is created from shadows?

Is art merely the oil paintings hanging on the gallery walls, or does it encompass farther reaching attitudes and philosophies?

Is art truly in the eye of the beholder?

What do you think?


Suzie Q said…
Yes, I believe you get to determine what art is. Cuz if you are gonna have art in your house - you're the one who's gonna be lookin at it day in, and day out!! So it better be something that you like!!! Plus how boring would it be if we all liked the same things!!!
Kelly said…
It would be very boring...
Jenny said…
It just shows that if you don't have the materials that most artist use you can still be creative. I am not fond of the shadow art, as I think the junk bugs me. Very creative though.
Kelly said…
Yes, you can be creative with just about anything! Peoples' creativity sometimes amazes me. There are many pieces of art that although, I can appreciate the talent and creativity that goes into them, I don't particularily like them.
This is such an interesting post! Thanks for the great images!
This was such an interesting post! Loved it!
Kelly said…
Thanks! I always find it so interesting how people utilize their creativity.
Kelly said…
I had fun looking for them :)

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