Sketchbook Pages Galore

It has turned cold, once again here, so from the warmth of our home, I present you some more of our Sketchbook Project  that the Peanut and I participated in.

The first pages of the Peanut and my art journals can be found herehere and here.

Here are a few of mine with close ups, my theme was Secret Codes:

This has a little envelope in it, with an insert

Here is the front page of the insert:

Here is the insert opened up:

And here is the back of the insert:

The next page:

 And a close up:

Here are a few of the Peanut's pages, her theme was The Greatest Story Ever Told:

And a close up:

And another close up:

Here is one of my favourite pages of hers, she did a pop-up page. That kid is so creative!

I plan to do more creative projects with this little one, we had so much fun.  And to think that they are now touring the States at this very moment :)  The Peanut was so proud when we sent them off, as she should be. Hmmm, now to think of something else to do together...


Brent said…
Hey Kell, they look great! I really like the fouth one from the top and the dragon flies. And that pop-up book is fantastic! Seems like you're having fun!


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