Pay it Forward Friday - Shit Happens

How many of you have had a bad day, one where everything is going wrong.  One where it seems that there is bound to be nothing that will turn out right.  I've had a few of those.  And my first thought always goes to, "what did I do to this deserve this?".

I analyze and pick apart in my brain to find out what I distinctly did to set the evils of the world out to get me.  In my older and wiser years, though, I have come to the conclusion that bad stuff doesn't necessarily equal that I have done something to deserve it.  Sometimes shit just happens.

No one has a charmed life, no one has a perfect life, what some people have more than others, though, is the ability to smile in the face of defeat.  The ability to recognize shit for what it is, and proceed to view the beauty in life.  The wisdom to understand the lesson, to learn it, and to move on.  For there is always a brighter tomorrow, even if it's only a shade or two brighter.

For all of the horrors in this world (and unfortunately, there is many) there is that many miracles times tenfold, and maybe even more than that.  Trick is knowing where to look.

My Pay it Forward today is to be that little miracle for someone.  A smile can go a long way for someone who is having a very, very bad day.  Meet someone else's bad mood with a smile and understanding.  We don't always have a glimmer into someone else's life, and often we are very quick to judge.  I am working on that one, myself.  It's amazing how far a small act of kindness can go - I dare you to ride that wave...

Have a great weekend guys!!!


Debbie Barker said…
Keep Smiling! I am with you on the wave!!!
Debbie B.
Corine said…
Yep! It happens to the best of us! ;) Isn't it nice to just KNOW that, and not feel inclined to beat yourself up every time something happens? :D I haven't any room to judge ANYONE! :o

Happy day! :D
Kelly said…
So true Corine. Sometimes its just nice to know that shit happens to everyone, and it isn't solely marked with your name on it :)
Kelly said…
Yeehaw!! Ride 'em cowgirl :) Speaking of which, I have never tried surfing... on my list of things to do...

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