My Sketchbook Project

So I just received two notices that my sketchbook from the Sketchbook Project, has been viewed :)  How cool is that?

(For those of you just joining in, the Peanut and I participated in the Sketchbook Project, and you can see some of our pages can be found herehere, here and here.

And here is what the very first person who checked out my Sketchbook from the Brooklyn Library said (she wrote it on my profile).

"Hi there! Just want to say I viewed your sketchbook today in Brooklyn. It was fantastic - the pictures here just don't do it justice for all the fantastic textures you incorporated. really amazing work!"

Talk about putting a smile on my face and a hop in my cough ridden step!!! How neat is that? It totally made my day. Then I got notified (you get an email each time your sketchbook gets checked out to view), that it was viewed again!!! A total high!!

So here are the final pages of my Sketchbook:

and a close up:

The next pages:

and a close up of my gargoyle (I love gargoyles):

The next couple of pages:

Another close up:

The next pages:

This is one of my favourite parts, I glued a bunch of pages together, punched a hole in them, then made this medallion, and sewed it in place. Kind of neat, as you can see through the space in between :

And my last page and some close ups:

Here are the Peanut's last pages:

So exciting to know that someone is actually picking them out of the library, and looking at them. Love it that the first person to look at mine, was kind enough to leave me a little note. How thoughtful.

Wishing you a creative day....


Kirsty Girl said…
Very cool! Which topic did you choose? I didn't go in but was thinking about it and was going to do the coffee and cigarettes.
Connie said…
Very nice and congratulations!!!
Suzie Q said…
I am now wishing I did this.... loving seeing all of your pages laid out.

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