Happy Valentines Day

Well it's that sickly sweet holiday.  The one that Hallmark and flower shops seem to have their stock in.

I prefer to think of it as one where you show the people that you love, that you appreciate them.  Not necessarily with gifts, but with appreciation and kindness.

The Peanut was excited as she got a horse mug with her name on it, and a nightshirt with a very cute photo of us with large letters I LOVE MY MOM :)

With a hug and a kiss from her, all is right in my world.

Happy Valentines day everyone, how do you celebrate it, or do you?


Cathy Kennedy said…
Absolutely! We're into the sweet exchange of home-made Valentines, cheap boxed chocolates ( you know the small $1 assorted boxes with like 4 pieces), and my sweetheart buys me a single red rose. It's just cute is all! I totally appreciate the simple gesture. This gal needs nothing elobrate to say, "I love you!" He could give me a great big ole bear hug and kiss with a "Happy Valentine's Day!" and I'd be happy all the same. Hope you'll stop by my blog! Happy Valentine's Day!
Kristen said…
I'm actually quite anti-Valentine's Day. Plans for tonight are a horror movie or two and chili dogs for dinner!
Amy's Life said…
Happy Valentine's Day Kelly!
No plans for tonight, just relaxing at home watching the Bachelor! hahaha
Wanted to stop by and say HELLO......I haven't been by for awhile! Hope all is well with you and darling daughter!
Kelly said…
HELLO :) THe Peanut are snuggling in and watching "Stuart Little".... me and my little Valentine have been making Valentines and heart shaped cookies.
Kelly said…
I can't do Horror movies anymore..but those chili dogs sound pretty darned good !!
Kelly said…
Ahhhhhh... sounds like a keeper!!

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