Around the World - China

We've been so busy, been hard to remember to fit this in. This time we picked China. At the library there were tons of cool books on and about China.  We learned about dragons, and rice fields, and Emperors.

And Happy Belated Chinese New Year!!  2011 is the year of the RABBIT.  And coincidentally, red is a lucky colour, according to the Chinese.

The Peanut made us matching rabbit ears to commensurate this occasion :)

For dinner we enjoyed some Chinese food eating with our chopsticks - of course!!!! I got the Peanut these great chopsticks that make it easy for her to use.

We are fortunate to have an amazing Chinese food restaurant just around the corner for us, delicious, fresh and yummy.  Perfect because this Mom is still feeling under the weather, and someone else making dinner sounded perfect!!

Enjoy :)


Katie said…
Now I'm craving Chinese! Maybe my man will take me out tonight! :-)
theTsaritsa said…
Looks yummy, I want some!
Connie said…
Cute pics! Happy Chinese New Year, celebrating here in Hawaii in Chinatown, can't wait to eat, eat and eat!
Kelly said…
Happy Chinese New Year back at ya!!!
Kelly said…
I know, but it's me and the Peanut's favourite, we are pretty territorial with our Chinese food, you might be safer plucking eggs from chickens, LOL!!!
Kelly said…
I hope he did :) MMmmmmmm.

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