Sketchbook Project

Hello Blogworld.... it feels good to be back :)
That bout of the flu knocked me and the Peanut on our butts!!!
But I am finally feeling better, and I thought I would show you some of what me and the Peanut have been up to while trying to keep our spirits up, while coughing up our right lungs...

For those of you who don't know, we entered into the Sketchbook Project, a while back, and the deadline to send it in was January 18, 2011. (Which we did, by the way)

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I am VERY pleased at our results, and am most amazed at what the Peanut has created. That kid continually astounds me with the creative genius that oozes out of her!!  We used various techniques such as painting, embossing, stamping, and the peanut even created a pop-up page!!! Yep, that's my little girl, a creative genius at 5, not that I'm biased or anything...

So throughout the next couple of weeks I will show you some photos from our books. You had to pick from set categories, before you started... I chose "Secret Codes" and the Peanut's book is "The Greatest Story Ever Told".

Here is the front and back cover of our books:

And here are the first couple pages of mine... with some close-ups :

And the Peanut's amazing sketchbook/art journal :

I think she was still on a snowmen kick, as that had been our Christmas theme for the cards, the ornaments, and the fingerprint snowmen canvases we did.  Man she has the grooviest snowmen I have ever seen... tune in for the next installments of our sketchbook project.

Have a great Day!!!  What have you guys been up to?


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