Pay it Forward Fridays - New Year Resolutions

Hello all, man Fridays always seem to sneak up on me...

Going into 2011 I have decided to become healthier (which I know is kinda funny since I started off this New Year with a whopper of a cold). Maybe it is just fitting, that it began this way.

I have always considered myself environmentally friendly. After all I do recycle, try to use what I have, and the Peanut and I make use of many things in our art - hence rounding out the three R's.

But I've been seriously pondering all the stuff that we put into our bodies. That includes all the stuff we inhale (artists are the worst for this) and all the lotions and whatnot's that go on our bodies. I have a veterinarian friend who once noted to me how many medications come in cream and powdered forms, that are administered through the skin into the blood stream.

Have you looked at some of the labels in your food, cosmetics and lotions etc? So many things you cannot pronounce. I must admit that I am not a user of many things of the cosmetic nature, but I have been known to put a cream or two on my body... and of course there is shampoo and such.

This year I am committed to decrease the amount of "stuff" in my house, medicine cabinet - hell my head too. And 2011 is going to be my healthiest year yet - the body mind and soul kinda healthy. Hey, and green is the new pink!!!

I am slowly using up stuff in the house, and replacing it with equally effective homemade concoctions that I know what is in them. First order of business, the Peanut & I no longer use commercial toothpaste. Baking soda and water for us. She even surprised Gramma by asking for "the powder stuff that Mom has" the other night. So if the Peanut can do it - so can you!!!

There are lots of resources out there, and I have been enjoying putting food on my face, thanks to Crunchy Betty. And cleaning supplies (which are almost depleted) will be done using basics found in my kitchen thanks to Gorgeously Green.  I have even made my own chapstick and lip gloss :)

So this weekend ponder how you too can go a little more green, and become a little bit healthier at the same time, and you will be Paying it Forward to yourself and the Environment.


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