Thursday, January 6, 2011


Holidays - gotta love 'em...

Yep, I am still on mine.

I have been so enjoying time spent with family, and have been relishing in the awesomeness of it all.

I am not quite ready to give it up just yet...

So here is a quick pic of me starting the morning with food on my face Crunchy Betty style (wearing my
Mocha-Frappuccino face mask ) and the Peanut and I will continue our deserved Holiday...

How did YOU start your day this morning?


  1. I started my day stressing which is pretty normal for a school day but did manage to squeeze in a long hot shower :0)

  2. putting my ornaments back into the Christmas Chest..waaahhh!

  3. LOL, what a great pic! Though I admit, I have an urge to lick that chocolate off your face :-p (kidding!)

    Well, I'm back at work as of Tuesday, so I started my day at the sound of the BB alarm. Can I retire now? Or work for people who are not A-holes?

  4. not sleeping then homeschooling...
    I hate choclate stuff so don't know how much I could stand it on my face.



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