Happy Tuesday

Today I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Tuesday. It kinda just hit me, how truly fortunate I am. How I am surrounded by amazing people, and how I seem to have been given some amazing gifts. My Peanut comes to mind here.

Sometimes it just takes a shift of the head, a crank of the neck, or even looking with your eyes closed, to see your life from a different point of view. Sometimes it takes a volunteer position to make you realize how truly fortunate you are. I truly am. I have been given so much, and though I try not to take things for granted, sometimes I do. So today I am reminding myself how truly grateful I am to be alive and healthy and surrounded by love. Cheesy, I know, but alas it is true.

Happy Tuesday, and remember to crank your head a bit every now and again to remind yourself how truly fortunate you are :)


Theresa Hughes said…
I am thankful, sometimes I get worried because we are all so happy (most of the time), but most importantly healthy and have a roof over our head. Every time we watch the news I am thankful we live where we do and that we have a good income. I try to make sure we think of those who are not in the same position and send some money to Haiti or Pakistan.
Thanks for reminding me,
Kelly said…
I believe we should be thankful for what we have, most people work hard for what they have - not to say that other's who have less do not work as hard, just that we should not feel guilty for being fortunate. Rather we should be generous of spirit and kind :) I am sure your giving is appreciate :)
Suzie Q said…
Beautiful piece, Kelly. You really are going to have to get your online store up ;)
Kelly said…
I know, I know.... one of my New Year resolutions :)

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